First and foremost, even before reading this article about how DJ KOCO A.K.A. SHIMOKITA is a beast, just press play on the above video of FM KODP on FRESH! and jump to about 1 hour and 3 minutes in. If pictures say a thousand words, this video says a trillion words. Jaw dropping killer 7 inch live mix showcase of classic hip hop breaks ala ULTIMATE BREAKS AND BEATS. If this video doesn’t blow your mind, then don’t bother reading further.

Now that your brains are scattered on the ground and your jaws dislocated, here is why I think DJ KOCO A.K.A. SHIMOKITA is such a dope DJ and all round entertainer. Not only is he a hardcore digger, but also he is true to his craft by displaying skills that will put DMC DJs to shame on any given day. He isn’t afraid to scratch those rare gems either.
And anyone starting a set with a stack of 45s like empty plates at kaiten sushi restaurant must not be taken lightly.
Which other DJs do this??? Seriously…

If for some unknown reason, the above video didn’t manage to convince you of his dopeness, below are some of my favourite videos of his live mix. Otherwise, jump to his Instagram to see his practice videos, which he uploads almost on a daily basis.

And to give you an insight into his massive record collection, you can listen to his mixtapes on DJ MP45‘s Mixcloud.
Get inspired. Get hyped. Keep hip hop alive!
Act like you know. DJ KOCO, you are a muthafuckin’ beast.

Photo via GL