WE ARE PIXEL ATHLETE | 香港を拠点としたクリエイティブスタジオ/オンラインストア | a creative studio/online store based in Hong Kong

OUR MISSION | クリエイティブビジョンを実現化 | turning creative vision into reality

OUR CRAFT | グラッフィックデザイン、UI/UXデザイン、写真、デジタルマーケティング、アパレルソーシング | graphic design, UI/UX design, photography, digital marketing, apparel sourcing

OUR VIBE | Creativity Rules Everything Around Me (C.R.E.A.M., get the money! dollar, dollar bill yall!) 💴💴💴

masa watanabe

MASA WATANABE | founder/designer


Born in Japan. Raised in Australia. Living in Hong Kong.
A citizen of the Earth (and hopefully Mars soon).
Lover of creativity. Supporter of the creative spirit.

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