It is inevitable that our heroes will eventually depart to a better place, leaving an everlasting impression and memories that will never be forgotten. ECD is definitely one of my heros in Nihongo Rap (Japanese rap), and in life. His hard edge lyrics and punk like anti-establishment attitude paved the way for hardcore hip hop in Japan. At times experimental, ECD became a force to be reckoned with from late 80’s to mid 90’s. In ’96, ECD organised a legendary all Japanese hip hop event, THUMPIN’ CAMP (さんぴん Camp), which might still be the biggest and illest hip hop event in Japan. He is one of the pioneers who built a strong foundation for nihongo rap, and a legendary MC. He was by far one of my favourite Japanese MCs.

Unfortunately as hip hop turned into pop culture from late 90’s, a veteran ECD stepped out of the lime light and furthered himself from the scene. At one time he was driving trucks to make a living… Although, releasing singles here and there, he was not really considered an active artist.

Some years passed, and he slowly came back to the scene with political driven tracks once again, as an anti-nuclear and anti-racism activist who would be seen on regular basis at protests and spitting through the mic. Just when we thought he had made his come back, ECD was diagnosed with a cancer, now fighting for his life. Each time I would see his face on blogs and media, his face decaying and loosing weight, it was very sad to see him in this state.

As a born fighter, he fought for his life, but ECD left us last night in a hospital surrounded by family and friends.
A true legend and an innovator, ECD will not be forgotten and his legacy will live on for future generations.
Rest in Power ECD!!!

Thumpin’ Camp (1996)

ECD feat Twigy, You The Rock – MASS対CORE (Mass tai Core)

Live performance by ECD and You The Rock at Tower Records, which nearly got shut down because of their energy!
The staff cut the power and sound during “MASS対CORE” but they kept going…

ECD feat K Dub Shine – Lonely Girl

Cover pic via ECD’s Twitter
Thumnail pic via Amebreak