They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I tend to disagree. Hip hop is definitely an old movement that is constantly evolving, and whether old heads like it or not Trap is part of it. I am not a huge fan of Trap, but by no means am I a hater of the genre either. It’s just the same old gangsta narrative told with a different rhythm and flow. Same struggle, different era.

Trap is getting big in Japan, as some of you may know, with KOHH blowing up worldwide and busting open the gates for new generation of rappers from the projects or danchi (public housing) all over Japan. Two rappers who got my attention recently are JING DOGG and YOUNG YUJIRO, both repping HIBRID ENTERTAINMENT in Osaka, Japan.

I want to focus on YOUNG YUJIRO today, and later will elaborate on JIN DOGG, as he just dropped a fire new mixtape called 102号 (pronounced 102 Go) or Route 201 directly translated in English.

Peep the lead tracks from the mixtape below and download it on DATPIFF.
Also don’t forget to download YOUNG YUJIRO’s previous project Y.A.N.A. (Young Ambitious New Asian) as well.