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I first met LENNY KWONG around six years ago. He was one of the first friends I made through riding fixed gear bicycles. We could count how many fixed gear riders there were in Hong Kong with our hands. Ahhhh the good old days…

Anyway, Lenny is not too concerned with whether he is labeled a “photographer” or not, but he simply loves photos and he takes killer photos too. Armed mostly with point-and-shoot compact film cameras, such as Konica Big Mini 201, Minolta TC1, Nikon 28ti, and Contax G1, Lenny can be found pointing and shooting where ever he goes. Yes, I just pretended to know about film cameras, but just copy-and-pasted from Lenny’s Instagram bio (go check that! there are lots of nice photos).

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Avid readers may remember Lenny was included in the 5 Fire HK Photographers article, and he will be holding his first solo exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, next month. Entitled Nijyumaru, the photo exhibition captures a second out of an everyday life. Viewers are invited to imagine the stories behind each imagery, or fragments in time.

Be sure to check it out if you are in Tokyo in February, and the exhibition will be held at THE LOBBY TOKYO in Shibuya, just a stones throw from SUPREME and WHITE MOUNTAINEERING stores.

My interpretation of Nijyumaru is two circles; one representing vision and the other thoughts.  When these circles overlap, it is like capturing fragments from everyday life. I hope all of you can conceive of stories in these photos through your imagination. There is no right or wrong, only emotions may be true.

I’ve been working in the magazine industry for many years, but I do not know what year I started recording interesting things with images instead of words. I’ve always insisted I am not a photographer; but I love photos.  I have never had the urge to learn technical photographic skills because for me a photo’s composition comes from my feelings, and I want the most original feeling captured for the viewer to have freedom to interpret and develop their own story.  The most precious thing about photos is that the image comes from the photographer’s unique experiences and personality which allows the same thing being captured to convey it’s own story; this is especially true in the 35mm film process.

東京都渋谷区猿楽町5-8リオンドール代官山 1F

2018.2.2 – 17:00-22:00

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