Internet is filled with overwhelming information, so much so, sometimes things just get past the World Wide Web.
MARZY, of PROPERPEDIGREE and recent addition to YENTOWN, is straight up #笑顔マフィア and Buchiaga Lit…

Anyway, enough of small talk, the renowned DJ, and all around creative genius, had a short stint hosting his own show on BLOCK FM called AZAMARZY, as in Japanese slang “azasu”, as in thank you… Arigatou goZAimasu… Aza Marzy… LOL!
It’s a pity this show got cancelled, cos it’s so off the hook and more out of this galaxy than HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY.

Since I am loosing confidence my words will do any justice to MARZY, I am gonna stop typing and let you soak up his 1000% positive vibes. Watch all episodes even if you don’t understand Japanese cos it ain’t about language, it’s about body language…
Oh BTW, Episode 4 is my favourite, also starring LISACHRIS from YENTOWN.