DJ Rena DJ Yukichi DMC World Champion 2017

Some may argue that DMC CHAMPIONSHIPS went down hill once they introduced digital formats, and to be honest I was one of those old heads that believed analog was the only way to battle in terms of turntablism. However, the more I watched progressive DJs utilise the machinery, it dawned on me that analog or digital, a dope DJ is in fact a dope DJ, period. Turntables and records are merely a tool, and the creativity of the DJ is what wins battles, not wether they posses a certain record or how fast they can change the records in a set.

Japanese DJs in DMC Championships have proved time and time again, that creativity and skillful use of music sets them apart from the competition. Since the first Japanese DJ champ, DJ KENTARO (2002), followed by DJ IZOH (2012) and DJ YUTO (2016). DJ AKAKABE totally killed the Battle for World Supremacy in 2004 stealing the crown and KIREEK stole the show from 2007 to 2011 at World Team Championships, holding the record for first team to win the title for five consecutive years.

In this year’s championship, Japanese DJs are murdering the competition once again, taking over both DJ and Battle categories. The new champ for DJ category is DJ RENA. DJ RENA is also the youngest DJ to win this title at age twelve, beating A-TRAK‘s win at the tender age of fifteen. Let’s just DJ RENA’s set was bananas…

On the Battle front, DJ YUKICHI took home the Battle for World Supremacy Championship. I haven’t been able to see any of the footage yet, but I am sure it was fire!

Huge congrats and mad props to DJ RENA and DJ YUKICHI!
Can’t wait to see some official footages of the battles…

Photo: DMC Japan