If you haven’t heard of ISSUGI or FEBB, it really doesn’t matter because now you know. ISSUGI is a heavyweight in the Japanese hip hop scene, an underground super MC with sharp rhymes and laid back flow. A member of MONJU, DOWN NORTH CAMP and SICK TEAM, ISSUGI reigns supreme in the boom bap style of Nihongo Rap (Japanese rap).

On the other hand, FEBB AS YOUNG MASON is an up-and-coming MC and track maker that boasts an impressive portfolio of projects under his belt. FEBB is part of FLA$HBACKS, CRACKS BROTHERS, and DOGGIES, with a slick flow and punch lines. FEBB also kills it on the MPC, cementing his reputation as a killer boom bap track maker.

7INC TREE is a monthly project set up by ISSUGI, launching new track on 7 inch vinyl each month, now in it’s 17th installment. Each recording is a gem, which usually combines new track on one side, and an instrumental track on the other. Many of the older releases have already sold out, and we have few up for grabs on our Facebook shop.

Coinciding with each release 7inc Tree uploads an episode of behind the scenes video up on FRESH!, a Japanese online streaming portal. Although there are newer episodes, this particular one is my favourite, showing how ISSUGI and FEBB worked together in his home studio to create the track from scratch. The video is in Japanese, but FEBB plays some hot tracks from his archives from about 12 minutes into the interview. FEBB indicates that these tracks are for his third and fourth albums.

Since I can’t find any videos from this track online, below are some new tracks from ISSUGI and FEBB to give you better understanding of their ill rhyme style.