In the age of digital photography and smartphone photography, it seems like everyone is a self-proclaimed photographer. Here is a list of 5 fire photographers in Hong Kong that you absolutely need to know.

However, before we embark onto the main topic, I want to elaborate quickly on my view on photography at the moment. I grew up learning film photography in high school, learning dark room and developing techniques. Later in university, I learned more about film photography, and years after graduation digital photography came about.

In my eyes, the digital photography is like digital music format, easy and quick to produce, and relatively anyone can master it over time. Thus digital is always commercially favorable. On the other hand, film photography is like analog music formats such as vinyl record or cassette tape. Not everyone is able to master film photography since there are more skills needed to achieve awesome results. Of course, there is selection of cameras and lens, just like digital photography, but furthermore, there is the need to select the right film, selection of development labs or developing in their own dark room, and most importantly being able to take the right shot without being able to check after each shot.

Both are good photography styles, but it really depends on the user to bring out the best of such method. Anyway, I have more affinity for film photography since it takes more skill to take good photos, as opposed to digital photography which is more forgiving format.

Let’s get into the main topic now (finally!), and check out the below 5 photographers who are killing it in their own right in Hong Kong in no particular order.

lenny kwong
Lenny Kwong
(film photographer)

jimi tsang
Jimi Tsang
(film photographer)

lucian lam
Lucian Lam (digital photographer)

edward barnieh
Edward Barnieh (digital photographer)

elaine li
Elaine Li (digital photographer)