In Chinese and Japanese “four” is pronounced in the same sound as “death”, therefore number four is seen as a bad or unlucky number. However, in this case these four skateboard brands in Hong Kong are absolutely killing it, causing deaths and multiple wounds where ever they go.

As you may know, Hong Kong used to be a country under British rule, but was handed back to China in the recent times, thus there is a good mix of local and international cultures thriving. Skateboarding is one such activity that enjoys the fine line between mainstream and underground. As a very compact city, Hong Kong is ideal for skateboarding with micro spots all over the city, and there are plenty of seriously fun skateboard parks around the city, namely Tseung Kwan O, Tung Chung, VANS SK8FIVE2 in Kwun Tong, Chai Wan, Diamond Hill, Fanling, and of course the super OG park of them all, Mei Foo. I have fond memories of Mei Foo, as this is where I saw a first skate demo in HK (by ZOO YORK if I am not mistaken), and there not many skate parks back then.

When you step foot in Hong Kong, make sure to hit up these shops and hook up with local skaters to enjoy the fire spots.
Below are the four deadly skateboard brands in no particular order, cos they are all fuckin’ ill!

8FIVE2 (www.8five2.com)

VICTORIA (www.victoriahongkong.com)

HKIT (www.facebook.com/hkitskateboardshop)

NINE PUSH (www.facebook.com/Nine-Push-474086586132521)