PIXEL ATHLETE LIMITED (P.A.L.) is a creative studio and online store based in Hong Kong.

The independent studio handles creative projects ranging from graphic design to web design, digital marketing to SEO, product photography to sourcing for apparel production.
There is no project too small, and we welcome all jobs with open arms. Hop on over to our contact page, and let’s make your creative vision come to life.

Our latest project is the soon-to-be-launched online store that will focus on new and second hand vinyl, predominantly hip hop, R&B, soul, funk, jazz, disco,
and anything else that will get your head nodding harder than a woodpecker. Later on we would like to introduce skateboarding hardware too…


masa watanabe

Founded in 2010 by MASA WATANABE, a Japanese designer born and raised in Yokohama, Japan (yes, for the millionth time, it is where the Yokohama tires come from!). Having spent more than half of my life in Australia and Hong Kong, if I was to describe myself as a feature film, I would be Kill Bill or Ghost in the Shell (yes, the one with Scarlet Johansson and it was shot in Hong Kong).

In case you are trolling the internet right now trying to find info on me, I am definitely not this Masa Watanabe, nor am I this Masa Watanabe, and not this Masa Watanabe either, but secretly I wish I could raise US$10 million in an investment round.

In my spare time, I love to try different ramen joints which ever city I go, and my current favourite is Bone Daddies in London. Highly recommended if you are in London. Go to the spot on Peter Street, and watch the kids tirelessly queue for Supreme gear. After a good ramen, pop over to Palace on the next block and pick up their nice gear, or head around the corner to any of the dope record shops in Soho such as Sounds of the Universe, Phonica, or Reckless Records.

When I am not eating ramen or looking for vinyl, I like to spend time watching skateboarding videos on VHSMAG, or the good ol’ Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Since our son was born, my deck is collecting dust and my bones are aching in all the wrong places. 🙁